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How to Get Started in Stand Up Paddling

If you’re a beginner, the idea of getting into the water for your first stand up paddling experience might be daunting. You have no idea what you’ll be faced with, if you’ll take to the sport immediately or if you’ll be terrible at it. It’s okay if you have those fears—it’s only normal to want to do well. But just in case your fear gets in the way of fun, here are some easy tips and techniques you can follow to get you started on stand up paddling.

 Easy Tips and Techniques for Stand up Paddling Beginners

1. Keep calm and paddle on

When you’re a beginner, it’s better if your first stand up paddling experience is on calm water, preferably somewhere where there are no boats or buoys that will get in your way. This is so you can gauge your skill in an ideal environment free from obstacles.

2. Kneel before you stand

Stand up paddling can be done on your knees or standing up. The former is easier and is thus, the best starting point for beginners. Once you’ve mastered paddling while kneeling, you’ll have less difficulty moving on to the stand up paddling.

3. Keeping your balance

Your feet should always be parallel to each other without going over the edges of the board. Standup-paddling calls for hip-width distance between your feet. Point toes forward, always bend your knees and keep your back straight. Remember that you should control your balance with your hips.

4. Making your first turn

Paddle on the side opposite the direction that you want to go. Put more weight on your back foot so the board will pivot and turn faster.

5. The proper way to fall

When you take up stand up paddling, falling is inevitable. In order to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself, always fall to the side so you’ll avoid hitting the board and you’ll fall into the water instead.

If you follow these techniques, your first time stand up paddling will, rest assured, go smoothly. So don’t be afraid to take up a board and paddle. The first step is finding the courage to get into the water. Everything else will follow with experience. Remember to have fun always and enjoy this new adventure and new beginning for you.


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Top Benefits of Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Stand up paddling is quickly becoming the next “it” sport for water aficionados. Beginners and even experienced surfers are quickly getting into the sport because of the benefits it can give, minus the constraints of other water sports. In surfing, you need a wave to ride, but stand up paddling can be done whatever the water condition. In fact, the requirements for taking up the sport are simple: a board, a paddle, and some enthusiasm to learn and you’re ready to go.

Stand up paddling is also an excellent way to keep fit. It offers a lot of health benefits for the body and to add to that, it’s a great way to have productive fun in the water!

So what exactly are the benefits of stand up paddling? Here are some of the ways in which stand up paddling can help improve your healthy lifestyle.

Top 3 Health Benefits of Stand up Paddling

1. Whether you do it on flat water or on the waves, stand up paddling is an excellent workout to strengthen your core and to improve your balance.


In stand up paddling, your platform—the water—is constantly changing. This trains your body to adapt to the instability. In the process, your balance is improved and your core is strengthened so it can compensate for the constantly shifting conditions. Additionally, the power of your strokes comes from your core so the more you work out, the more your body will build up strength.


2. With stand up paddling, you get a full-body workout with twice the fun and none of the boredom of a regular workout.


If you take up stand up paddling, you work a lot of muscles: your arms, legs, calves, thighs, stomach, back, all the way down to your feet, will all benefit from the training. It tones the entire body, unlike other workout routines that target only specific areas.


3. Stand up paddling is sport that is accessible to people from a lot of age groups and fitness levels—it’s the perfect activity for the whole family!


The intensity of stand up paddling can be tailored to accommodate all types of people. From expert athletes to little kids, stand up paddling is the perfect sport to bring them all together. It can even be used as a rehabilitative exercise for those recovering from injuries or simply those who are experiencing the demands of old age.


It’s always fun to experience a new sport, so why not choose one that is exciting, enjoyable and beneficial? Stand up paddling is the perfect choice for all you water sprites out there looking for a brand-new challenge.



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Free shipping on orders over $100!

businesswoman-standing-indoorsAre you interested in making a living as a fashion store owner? If you are, you are definitely not alone. In the United States and all around the world for that matter, there are many individuals who dream of running and operating their own fashion store. Unfortunately, many believe that dream is one that is too difficult to become a reality. Yes, it may be a little bit difficult for you to get to a successful fashion store up and running, but it is more than possible to do.

The good thing about running a fashion store is that you have a number of different options. One of your options is your location. There are many individuals who choose to run a business out of a storefront location, others who choose to run an online fashion store, and others who choose to do both. If you are able to score a prime business location, it may be profitable for you to have a storefront location. However, it is also important to mention that many individuals are now deciding to do their shopping online; therefore, you may want to take that into consideration as well.

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Are you interested in revamping your wardrobe? If you are looking to update the clothing or clothing accessories that you own, you may be interested in incorporating some of the latest fashion trends into your wardrobe. If you are, you will need to find a fashion store to shop at.

When it comes to finding a fashion store to shop at, you have a number of different options. Before examining those options, you need to remember that fashion stores are operated in both storefront locations and online. If you are looking for an online fashion store, you may want to think about performing a standard internet search. If you are looking for a storefront store to shop at, you may want to think about visiting your local shopping mall, using your local phone book, or using online business directories.

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The Celebrity Fashion Phenomenon: What is So Alluring About It?

young-blonde-in-attractive-high-fashion-black-clothesDo you have a favorite movie star or television star? If you do, have you ever wondered what their personal life was like? If you have, you are definitely not alone. In today’s society, it seems as if many individuals are interested in knowing the latest news or gossip surrounding today’s most popular stars. In addition to who is dating who, a focus is also placed on celebrity fashions. In fact, where are many out there who wish that they could dress and look like one of their favorite celebrities. While this feeling is quite common, it often leaves many others wondering why.

When it comes to examining the celebrity fashion phenomenon it is actually difficult to come up with an answer as to why it is so popular. Different individuals like to look and dress like celebrities for different reasons, some of which are easier to explain than others. Just a few of the many reasons why the celebrity fashion phenomenon has gained such a following are touched on below.

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Should You Use the Services of a Fashion Consultant?

pensive-woman-biting-lipsHave you ever heard of a fashion consultant before? A fashion consultant, which is also commonly referred to as an image consultant, is an individual who consults with you or gives you advice on the latest fashion trends.

Now, it can be relatively easy for you to learn about fashion on your own, but there are some individuals, who just want to seek professional assistance. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are one of those individuals or if you should be, you may be wondering when someone uses the services of a fashion consultant or for what. If you are, you will want to continue reading on.

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Plus Size Fashion: Is There Really Such a Thing?

beautiful-young-girlAre you considered to be a plus sized individual? If you are, what do you wear for clothing? If you are like many other plus sized individuals, you may respond with something off of a store rack. While it is more than possible to shop at a department store or a traditional clothing store, do you know that there are stores designed just for plus sized women, as well as men? There are and if you haven’t already, you may want to think about visiting one.

When it comes to shopping at or at least browsing at a plus sized clothing store, there are many men and women who wonder why they should bother, especially if their clothes are already bought from somewhere else. What you need to remember is that plus size clothing isn’t what it used to be in the past. Due to an increase in the need for plus sized clothing and fashion accessories, there are now many fashion designers who are starting to focus on individuals out there who are just like you.

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Finding a Fashion Show to Attend

woman-flinging-long-hairAre you interested in attending a fashion show? If you run a business that is based on fashion, like a fashion store or a fashion consulting business, you may find that fashion shows are a good resource tool. Fashion shows are also great for those who are looking to learn more about the latest fashion trends or even those who are just looking to have a good time. So, if you want to attend a fashion show, you are encouraged to get out and do so.

Although fashion shows are fun to attend, you will need to find one to attend. Unfortunately, there are many individuals out there who decide against attending a fashion show, as they think it would be too difficult to find one. Yes, it may be a little bit difficult to find a fashion show to attend, especially if you are looking for something in particular, but it is more than possible to do.

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Fashion Trends for All Body Sizes

portrait-of-womanIf there were one thing that you could change about your body, what would it be? There are actually a large number of individuals out there who would like to change more than just one thing.

There are many who say that they are too skinny, others who claim that they are too large, some claim that their cleavage is too big or too small, and others who would change the size of their butts. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money needed to get cosmetic surgery and not everyone has the time needed to devote to an exercise plan. That is what results in many feeling hopeless, like things are never going to change. However, there is good news, while you may not necessarily be able to change the way that your body is, you may be able to “change” the way that it looks. You can do this with fashion.

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Fashion Magazines: Are They Worth the Buy?

femininityAre you looking to improve your appearance or at least your sense of fashion? If you are, there is a good chance that you may be interested in buying fashion magazines. Fashion magazines are often stocked full of beauty tips, as well as fashion advice and tips. That why a large number of individuals buy fashion magazines each month, occasionally even on a weekly basis. But, the question is, should you?

When it comes to determining whether or not you should buy fashion magazines, there are a number of important factors that you may want to take into consideration. For instance, are you on a budget? Although fashion magazines are pretty affordable, the cost of them can add up over time. If you are on a budget or regularly find yourself having money troubles, you may want to think about saving your money. In fact, you should know that many of the fashion tips and trends found in well-known fashion magazines are likely to be quite costly; therefore, it can actually end up quite expensive to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

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