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Buying Your First Stand up Paddle: Must-Know Facts

A good paddle and board are the best friends of any stand up paddler. Once you’re out there in the water, the right equipment can really make a real difference in the way you perform and the level of enjoyment you can derive from the sport. However, before you go out and purchase your first stand up paddle, answer this question first: what type of stand up paddling (SUP) will you do?


The correct stand up paddle is essential if you want to make the most out of your chosen activity. So without further ado, here are some facts you need to know about the kind of stand up paddle needed for the different variations of stand up paddling.

Finding the Right Stand up Paddle: Must-Know Facts Before Purchasing 

1. SUP Surfing

  • A stand up paddle used for SUP surfing must be small. Surfers need to be quick to catch waves. Speed necessitates a higher stroke rate and a small stand up paddle is the best for this.
  • Additionally, the surfboards used for SUP surfing are less buoyant because they are smaller in size. Since this means that they sink deeper, then they tend to be slower. The general rule is: the slower the board, the smaller the paddle.
  • 2. SUP Racing
  • When choosing a stand up paddle for SUP racing, the length of the race, the board used by the athlete, and his or her strength and fitness level must be considered. The stronger paddlers can use larger blades for longer distances. Make sure to match the stand up paddle with the capabilities of the racer.
  • For racing, a larger stand up paddle is advisable. Since race boards are faster than surfboards, a larger blade will not be a hindrance in terms of speed.

3. Fitness Paddling

  • Fitness paddling generally calls for a stand up paddle similar to the ones used for SUP surfing. This is because the boards used for both are alike.

Once you understand the difference between the three types of stand up paddling activities, then you can finally go and look for the stand up paddle that will fit your needs. Then you’ll be ready to have some fun under the sun!


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