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How to Get Started in Stand Up Paddling

If you’re a beginner, the idea of getting into the water for your first stand up paddling experience might be daunting. You have no idea what you’ll be faced with, if you’ll take to the sport immediately or if you’ll be terrible at it. It’s okay if you have those fears—it’s only normal to want to do well. But just in case your fear gets in the way of fun, here are some easy tips and techniques you can follow to get you started on stand up paddling.

 Easy Tips and Techniques for Stand up Paddling Beginners

1. Keep calm and paddle on

When you’re a beginner, it’s better if your first stand up paddling experience is on calm water, preferably somewhere where there are no boats or buoys that will get in your way. This is so you can gauge your skill in an ideal environment free from obstacles.

2. Kneel before you stand

Stand up paddling can be done on your knees or standing up. The former is easier and is thus, the best starting point for beginners. Once you’ve mastered paddling while kneeling, you’ll have less difficulty moving on to the stand up paddling.

3. Keeping your balance

Your feet should always be parallel to each other without going over the edges of the board. Standup-paddling calls for hip-width distance between your feet. Point toes forward, always bend your knees and keep your back straight. Remember that you should control your balance with your hips.

4. Making your first turn

Paddle on the side opposite the direction that you want to go. Put more weight on your back foot so the board will pivot and turn faster.

5. The proper way to fall

When you take up stand up paddling, falling is inevitable. In order to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself, always fall to the side so you’ll avoid hitting the board and you’ll fall into the water instead.

If you follow these techniques, your first time stand up paddling will, rest assured, go smoothly. So don’t be afraid to take up a board and paddle. The first step is finding the courage to get into the water. Everything else will follow with experience. Remember to have fun always and enjoy this new adventure and new beginning for you.


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