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Top Benefits of Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Stand up paddling is quickly becoming the next “it” sport for water aficionados. Beginners and even experienced surfers are quickly getting into the sport because of the benefits it can give, minus the constraints of other water sports. In surfing, you need a wave to ride, but stand up paddling can be done whatever the water condition. In fact, the requirements for taking up the sport are simple: a board, a paddle, and some enthusiasm to learn and you’re ready to go.

Stand up paddling is also an excellent way to keep fit. It offers a lot of health benefits for the body and to add to that, it’s a great way to have productive fun in the water!

So what exactly are the benefits of stand up paddling? Here are some of the ways in which stand up paddling can help improve your healthy lifestyle.

Top 3 Health Benefits of Stand up Paddling

1. Whether you do it on flat water or on the waves, stand up paddling is an excellent workout to strengthen your core and to improve your balance.


In stand up paddling, your platform—the water—is constantly changing. This trains your body to adapt to the instability. In the process, your balance is improved and your core is strengthened so it can compensate for the constantly shifting conditions. Additionally, the power of your strokes comes from your core so the more you work out, the more your body will build up strength.


2. With stand up paddling, you get a full-body workout with twice the fun and none of the boredom of a regular workout.


If you take up stand up paddling, you work a lot of muscles: your arms, legs, calves, thighs, stomach, back, all the way down to your feet, will all benefit from the training. It tones the entire body, unlike other workout routines that target only specific areas.


3. Stand up paddling is sport that is accessible to people from a lot of age groups and fitness levels—it’s the perfect activity for the whole family!


The intensity of stand up paddling can be tailored to accommodate all types of people. From expert athletes to little kids, stand up paddling is the perfect sport to bring them all together. It can even be used as a rehabilitative exercise for those recovering from injuries or simply those who are experiencing the demands of old age.


It’s always fun to experience a new sport, so why not choose one that is exciting, enjoyable and beneficial? Stand up paddling is the perfect choice for all you water sprites out there looking for a brand-new challenge.



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