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Why Women Love Standup Paddle Boarding

Want a cool, easy way to have fun in the water? Then you should definitely try stand up paddling. Originating in Hawaii, this sport has been around for decades and is now making an even bigger splash among water sport enthusiasts as it has never before. A favorite cross-training workout of athletes, it is now gaining popularity among average people as well. Women are generally starting to favor this activity over the usual stuff such as surfing and wake boarding. Why? Because stand up paddle boarding offers a low-impact but high intensity body workout. You don’t feel so sore and beaten after hours of paddle boarding, and yet, you still get a lot of exercise from the activity. Another reason is it is very easy to learn; within an hour you can already become comfortable on your board. For women especially, paddle boarding can be mastered quickly because they have a lower center of gravity compared to men, therefore they can balance well. In addition, paddle board sport does not require a whole bunch of equipment to be invested in. Only a few essentials, such as the board and the paddle, are needed to experience the sport.


Here is some of the equipment you need to get started:


Paddleboard: The stand up paddleboard is the biggest investment in a sport such as this. The size of your paddle should be based on the paddler’s weight and experience. Lighter and narrower boards are best used by experienced paddlers, while flatter and wider boards are recommended for novice paddlers.


Paddle: Stand up paddles should have an angle in the shaft that helps to have efficient strokes, and it should come in a size that is approximately 6” to 8” taller than the paddler.


PFD (Personal Floatation Device): Paddle boards are considered as vessels by U.S. Coast Guard, so it is required for a paddler to wear a PFD when treading waters.


Clothing: Of course, when you’re in the water chances are you’re going to get wet, so wear something that moves with your body and can get wet – bathing suit, surf shorts, or wetsuit. Sunglasses are also a must if the area is sunny.


If it is a less strenuous water activity that you’re after, paddle boarding offers a much more calming and serene experience when gliding effortlessly on calm waters and enjoying the view. Whether you are at a river, a lake, or at sea, paddle boarding will make you feel like you’re actually walking on water!

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